Seal Rocks NSW

I have finally downloaded all my photo’s from our big 6 week trip from QLD, NSW to VIC and back and there were a few to sort through!

We left home loaded up to the hilt including the new Hobie Tandem Island we got through Sunstate Hobie. If your in the area check them out Trish is a darl and will help you out to no end. On with the photos.

QLD, leaving

We stopped at a few little spots in between for lunch and coffee but stayed at Saphire beach, near Coffs Harbour.



Setting up for 1 night in the camper started to become a little painful by the end of the trip.  This was our first night at Saphire Beach.


After a long first day drive it was nice to hang out and explore the beach a little.


I was loving the panorama camera on the phone and used and abused it.

We finally got to seal rocks and set up camp for 3 nights at Treachery Camp.  It’s a nice little spot out of the way but can get busy with the young crowd.


There were a few days we spent running around checking out the surrounding area and finally got to take out the Tandem Island for a sail and a fish and scored a little flatty on a soft plastic.



The trampolines are bloody awesome and I spent lots of time laying around between fishing spots!


Thanks again for reading, hopefully I’ve given you something to do for a few minutes.  Stay tuned for our next stop – Jervis Bay.


Intrepid Trippers.


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