Seal Rocks (NSW) to Jervis Bay (NSW)

Continuing on from our last post where we trekked from home to NSW we said we would share some adventures from Jervis Bay, well here you go.  But before that I thought I would throw in a few pics from Seal Rocks again – this is the Hobie Tandem Island in all her glory, I love this bloody yak.


We left Seal Rocks at mid morning after some coffee and a bit of sitting around.  The camper took about 2 hours to pack up which we eventually got down to about 1 hour after lots of practice!  On the road we passed lots of great little towns including one of the nicest places I have seen – Kiama.  Its a great little seaside place with an awesome harbour, good surf and the ‘blowhole’.  But before that was Newcastle which is Melbourne-esk and has some great old buildings where we had lunch and continued on.


There were some pretty big fires burning through a fair bit of NSW and we seemed lucky enough to stay in front of all the road closures all the way.  After lunch at Newcastle we tried to make camp for Pretty Beach.  Funnily enough there are 2 Pretty Beach’s in NSW about 5hrs from each other so when we arrived at our Pretty Beach there were no camping facilities and the day was getting way too late to be shopping around for places to stay and we lucked upon Patonga wich was about another hour south.  Patonga is an awesome little riverside village in the Hawksbury River with houses accross the river set into the hills only accessible by boat, thats my type of living!


We were just shaking up for the night but I managed to get the rods out for a flick but no luck.



Great beer drinking spot of an arvo.

We were up and at ’em pretty early again the next day making for Jervis Bay and a longer stretch to enjoy a bit more relaxing.


It was a lovely morning waking up in Patonga with the sunrise shining on the hills facing east and I said we would definately be back one day.

Next stop for the day was Kiama as mentioned at the top.  Again, an awesome place and the weather couldn’t have been any better.  The water was so blue in the harbour it looked fake.  We trekked up to the lighthouse and found the blowhole.



I think I tried for about 10 minutes to get the really big blows but it never happened.  It would be much better on a day with bigger swells for sure!

We battled the morning Sydney traffic and my ‘expert’ navi led us astray from the navman and through suburban Sydney which was great with a big trailer.  We did eventually pull into Jervis Bay however and made camp for 4 nights to stretch the legs and go fishing!  This post has been long enough I rekon so I will cover Jervis Bay on the next one ha!


Intrepid Trippers.


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