Jervis Bay and Tuross Heads (NSW)

So last time I said I’d post about Jervis Bay but it turned out there was a fair bit to talk about int he few places between here and there.  So this one ill show you all some gear of Jervis Bay and our stop after there – Tuross Heads.  Both places I would visit again in a heart beat.  Se we arrived at Jervis Bay after a fair old drive for the day which took something like 6-8hrs, bloody big country this.  Jervis Bay is a great little spot and we camped near Huskisson on Currambene Creek.  This place is loaded with flathead and the short trip between the bay and camp accounted for more flathead than I think I’ve ever caught in my life!


Nerry accounted for a few fish which was awesome.


Not massive by any stretch of the imagination but heaps around and fun to catch.

We stayed at Jervis Bay for 4 nights and we are glad we stayed a bit longer here cause it’s a really nice spot.  Plenty to do including the obligatory trip back into the small town of Berry.  This and another town called Milton were some of Nerida’s favourites as she is right into all that old timey small town artsy stuff.


boxes, sure.

One good little stop over on the way back from Berry was a winery which I can’t think of the name right now in Meroo Meadow.  Good to see all the old gear and have a taste of some high brow wine instead of the usual $5 bottles we get – still couldn’t taste the difference HA!




So in between all this visiting the countryside we managed again to get out the Hobie Tandem Island a few times and there were a few great times going out through the bay with awesome weather.  We found some dolphins that had a little play in our bow wave and quickly shot off as soon as I got out the camera!  So instead here is a shot of a little beach we pulled up on for a stretch.  Bloody beeewdiful.



There were a few times where we just used the kayak as a kayak and peddled around fishing, we stopped at this sand bank a few times which held millions of whiting but funilly enough I couldn’t take any on a surface popper.  I ended up getting one on a squidgy soft plastic after trying everything in my arsenal.  I think they just felt sorry for us and sacrificed their mate.  Ended up chucking him back anyways as it was the end of the day and 1 whiting wouldn’t have been enough for 2 hungry fisher people.  How about pizza in the weber instead?




After the nice long 4 days at Jervis Bay we packed up all the gear and shot off to Tuross Heads.  This was one of my favourite spots of the trip as it had everything!  anyway, this has been another long one so I’ll leave you with that and catch you all up on Tuross Heads next post.



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