Tuross Heads – Eden (NSW)

Thanks for checking back in on our trip progress. This week we are highlighting our trip from Tuross Heads to Eden in New South Wales.

Our stay at Tuross Heads was pretty bloody great and would have been one of my favourite stops. We had 3 nights but could have stayed for a bit more! Tuross Heads is a turnoff on the Princess Highway which you would surely miss if you didn’t keep an eye out. It’s a little town on a headland between Coila Lake and Tuross Lake, both hold fish. The campsite is prime location on the ocean with the inlet to Tuross Lake on your right as you sit with a beer. The place gets some good surf and this was my first chance for any swell the whole trip so far so I made the most of it getting out for a few waves each day.

On the way to Tuross heads we passed through some bushfire area and a little place called Pebbly beach which was in a National Park and allowed camping, but it was close to fires and we thought it might not be the best place to stay at the time.



Tuross Heads has a little tourist trap in the form of a takeaway shop/bar etc. with a ‘paddle up’ deck.  We launched the Hobie Tandem Island at the boat ramp, fished for a few hours and paddled up to the cafe for a coffee and milkshake.  We sat around for a good hour or so and then took off home for the day.


So we ended up catching a few nice fish including a 60+cm Flatty on a DUO vibe lure.

Even Nerry got a little lizard on a surface lure!


There were plenty of little lizards around


As usual I’ll leave you with a few snaps.


Finally getting some waves



The view from camp


sunset over Tuross Lake.

The trip from Tuross Heads to Eden was quite a long drive and we missed a fair bit of spectacular scenery but we were on a timeframe and we were staying at eden for 4 nights.  Next post the trip from Tuross Heads to Eden and onto Noodgee in Victoria.

Keep Trippin.



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