Eden – Noojee NSW/VIC

Hello hello trendsetters. I forgot to upload a snap of a nice flatty I got in Tuross Heads from our last post. Check it out then we can get into the adventure.


Good 80cm lizard on a Duo Realis Vibration 62.  Bloody brilliant lures.

On with the story.  So we just packed up at Tuross Heads and we were on our way to our next stop – Eden.  Luckily we were early for the whale festival and missed the onlsaught of tourists by a week.  We pitched up for 4 days in Eden and got out and about a fair bit.  Day 1 saw us lounging around sussing out some good fishing spots to take the hobie out.  We were camped right on the water in Twofolds bay so that was that sorted.  We headed out to the killer whale museum – I’m not the biggest fan of museums at the best of times but I must say it was pretty good.  Learning about how killer wales used to round up proper whales into the shallow water of the bay so the whale hunters could spear them.  There was some pretty sad stuff about the fishing methods used by the commercial louts but it was all pretty interesting.


This is the view from one of the lookouts over looking twofold bay.


Got the Hobie Tandem Island out a few times early in the m0rning before the wind picked up about 10am most days.  Loving the panorama…



So other than swanning about on the Tandem Island I did a bit of beach fishing.  Although I wasn’t too familiar with southern fishing I managed to score my first Austrlian Salmon.  Just lobbed an Atomic Plazos soft plastic in white on a TT lures Headlockz jighead into the swarming black mass.  Took 2 or 3 casts beofre one took a liking and it was on.  Quite a fun challenge on a 2-4kg rod and 8lb line.



There was more to do other than just fishing but I have to show another Salmon I caught while I was out by myself on the yak.  Nearly lost this bugger a couple of times as he dove into the thick kelp.


And another


We managed a trip back up the coast a little bit to Merimbula which is a great little beach town that I would like to visit again one day for sure!  Nerry thought she would like to go on an oyster tour.  Again not my cup of tea but I went along.  It was a good hr worth of education about how oysters are grown etc and restored my faith a little in commercial fishing areas as they are moving to much more sustainable practices and methods.


Of course we had to sample the offerings


There was plenty to do around Eden but I had enough of the relentless wind.  It really hampered our fishing prospects even with a sail kayak.  Our next stop was going to be around Melbourne area somewhere but some nice folk we stayed next to advised that the Melbourne cup would be havoc for camping options so we decided to change our plans and go inland, around melbourne and come out on the West side of the Great Ocean Road.  So off we set, our next stop was Noojee for an overnight rest in the Victorian mountains.

No photo’s to leave you with this time as they all god erased from the computer!!!!!!!!  hopefully I have some back ups that I can locate.  Thanks for dropping in for a read.



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