Noojee – Ballarat (VIC)

So guys last time we left we were on our way to Noojee.  A nice little free camp in the mountains close to the Victorian High Country.  I have probably said this about every place we visited but I’ll be back to this one for sure!  Anyway, we left Eden on the hot tip from our Vic mates about the Melbourne Cup and headed bush to escape the crowds.  We relied on our Camps 7 book and made for a place called Noojee.  A few hours outside of Melbourne into the High Country.  After a long drive all day trying to make good headway we made it to the little town of Noojee and I could see straight away that this was going to be a great little spot.  It was mountainous country roads lined with tall gums with bright green furns lining the ground.  I still am struggling to locate all the photo’s I’ve lost from my big camera so you will have to suffer through phone camera photos which arn’t actually too bad so quite your whingin’.


We made it to the first camp in the camps 7 book pretty late in the afternoon after heading up some goat track and having to turn around with a campertrailer and the Tandem Island sticking out the back, needless to say I was ready for a beer!  So the first camp we arrived at was closed.  Yep the sun was all but gone and we were starring at a locked gate in the middle of nowhere with seasonal closure signs.  We consulted the camps book and assessed our options to head elsewhere or try the second camp – Noojee falls which I expected to be also ‘seasonally’ closed.  On the way out we spotted an incoming car and advised them of the closure.  They duly followed us to Noojee falls which was thankfully open and we all rushed to make camp and set a fire before it got too dark.  They had a beautiful Kimberley Karavan (my #1 van of all time might i ad) and were set up in no time leaving us to admire this piece of engineering.  Enough drooling.  We sparked up a fire and sat around having a few drinks watching the changing colours of the gums and listening to the stream close by as the moon chased away the sun.


We awoke at a leasurely hour as we really had nowhere to be and a short trip ahead of us that day.  Making coffee from the Aldi pod machine through an inverter I wondered what the workers were doing at the moment, suckers.  Emerging from the camper we noticed that amongst such a large campsite there were still only the two of in the whole place.  Bloody brilliant.  We made our way up to the falls for a morning walk and to have a little wash in the cool crisp water.  The falls wern’t massive but were still pretty impressive.  The snow from higher in the mountains was in melt mode and there was a fair whack of water.  I wasn’t sure where or how I would fish for trout so I left it alone and opted to just see if I could spot any.  Nothing.

After sight seeing we made our way back to camp for the pack up.  Getting pretty good at it now it took a good 30 minutes and we were away, not bad for a camper trailer I rekon.  We stopped at the old train bridge whic is the site for the worlds longest lunch – google it.  We also stopped at a trout farm where we intended to catch some dinner.  Long story short, you have to keep what you catch which we wern’t told about until some bloke came out huffing and puffing carrying on like a pork chop so I told him, in my most polite manner of course, how innapropriate his language was and thanks for the fishing, see ya.  Something to that effect.  Either way I wouldn’t recommend the place at all!

We moved onto Ballarat after Noojee where we were camped for another night making our way across the top down to Port Fairy.  We got to walk around the town and see a few sights on the days either side of the camp night.  Again we had a fire.  The best part was our first brewery stop.  It was the rebellion brewery and they make the O’Briens Gluten Free beer.  I only know about this beer cause my wife is a Glutard and can’t eat gluten.  We had some taste testers and snagged a few sixers to drink around the fire that night.


So after another free camp and fire we were ready to head off again the next day to another free camp on the way to Port Fairy.  Turned out that the free camps we had in mind wern’t anywhere near the standard of the few we had just visited and we just ended up driving all the way to Port Fairy that day.  Another long trip in the car but we successfully avoided the Melbourne Cup and found some nice accommodation at Port Fairy.  Hopefully I can find these photo’s as you can see I’m a bit short this time round but be assured I will upload the ones I find from this section.

Next post will be about port fairy where we finally got the big yak out again after a couple days out bush.  Thanks for stopping by.

Intrepid Trippers.


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