Noojee redo

Iv’e been absent from posting over the last few weeks, so its about time I got back into it and gave you all an update of our trip. Last we left we were leaving Noojee for Ballarat and I was missing some good photo’s so here is an opportunity to see some.


Camp in wide angle


More of camp


The river that runs from Noojee falls


run river run


Noojee Falls

So after all this exploration in the mountains we thought we would stop in at the trout farm we saw on the way in.  You can fish for and keep what we catch but apparently you can’t throw one back if it doesn’t suit your fancy.  We found this out the hard way after one of the guys came screaming out and blasted us… they just forgot to tell us the rules before we started.  Needless to say we didn’t buy any fish off them for that effort.  I’m definately behind fish farming as opposed to commercial netting etc. but this put a bit of a dampener on the whole idea.  No worries, we would stop at another one at the drop of a hat for some fresh sustainable fish.


Rainbow trout


Nerry even managed to catch one.

So next I will take you through our few days at Port Fairy.  I couldn’t keep going without posting up some of the photo’s of Noojee.  Thanks for stopping in.



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