Ballarat – Port Fairy

Hello again thanks for dropping back.  It’s been a while since our last post but we have been off adventuring here and there.

Last post we were getting into Ballarat after leaving Noojee in Victoria.  Ballarat was a pretty nice old town and well worth the visit if your around the traps.  We stayed at a free camp just out of town and set up camp next to a running creek, got a fire going and settled into some afternoon drinks in the bush.  I had every intention of getting up early and going fishing for trout in the lake in the middle of town as I’d heard there were some fish being caught from the banks.  It was a cold start the next morning and my hopes ffor fishing were dashed as I lay in bed till around 8am, a lovely little sleep in!


Setting up camp with a fire in the bush.


Bushman starting the camp fire.



We trekked around Ballarat for the morning and got some coffee and took in the sights after packing up camp.  The rebellion brewery is located a few streets away from the main bit of town and once they were open we popped in for some tasters, lovely bit of breakfast that.


Morning brew


It was our intention to push on only a short stint for the day however when we arrived at our next free camp it was pretty bad so we pushed on a little further.  The same was true with the next spot and by now we wern’t too far from Port Fairy.  We stopped in at some caves/sinkholes on the way and made afternoon tea.



We finally made it to Port Fairy after a couple of days bush and driving around the top of Melbourne to avoid the public holiday and so next time we go along the great ocean road.  Ill leave you with some snaps.




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