Port Fairy – Barwon Heads

Been a while since our last post but we’re back for our next leg – along the great ocean road and up to Barwon Heads near Torquay. You can imagine all my photo’s of the GOR are pretty much the same as all the other ones you have seen so I won’t bore you with those.  From our expedition through Victoria we came to the conclusion that it’s pretty much always windy and raining.  People kept asking why we came from the Sunshine Coast to Victoria, now I know why they kept asking…  Other than the weather it was a nice place to pass through and see some sights.  We pretty much drove the great ocean road and stopped at the main spots to see everything but I didn’t consider it that amazing to stop anywhere over night along the road and take it in a bit more.  We had a few breaks in the weather so we could get out of the car and get some snaps.  Coming from west to east was probably the best way to go as I didn’t need to keep looking over the passenger to see the scenery.  Here are some snaps from the start…or end depending which way you go.



Our stop along the Great Ocean Road was at Blanket Bay near Cape Otway.  Koala’s is one word that describes this place – absolutley everywhere.  People line up 3 cars deep on a 1 lane road to stop and take photo’s of the little fellas.  The problem with them however is that they are literally eating themselves out of house and home.  With few predators to keep the explosive population in check the Koala’s have stripped bare almost every gum in sight, killing the tree in the long term.  After our 2 day soiree in Blanket Bay reconnecting with nature we set off to finish the Great Ocean Road through Lorne and into our next stopover – Barwon Heads.



We arrived at Barwon Heads where, after a few days on the road, we set up camp for 4 days to rest.  Barwon heads is a nice quite little town that is close enough to Melbourne and Geelong to start becoming trendy as the constant weekend influx of city slickers subtly leaves its mark.  Coffee becomes more expensive and hipsters seem to become more apparent as you make your way from the rugged landscape of the wild coast line toward the subdued hills and ever increasing housing estates that soon give way to the hard concrete lines of Melbourne proper.

The fishing wasn’t too crash hot scoring only a tiny Australian salmon before getting blown away by the wind on the kayak but one thing we did stumble upon was the absolute vast supply of mussles.  After quite a tenuous de-bearding party we had a fair few little morsels to cook up for a few nights worth of dinner.  Bloody delicious little things they are!


We explored the surrounding area a fair bit including going into Geelong and surrounds.  We were originally planning on taking the Queenscliffe/Sorronto ferry but decided we would go through Melbourne while we were down this way, also we had found a bloke that makes and sells some pretty fair dinkum camping spit roasts and took the opportunity to pick one up (it has copped an absolute flogging ever since).  We stopped off at some urban caravan village which was quite depressing but with our clear mission of visiting melbourne we could see past it.  After a bit of shopping and sight seeing through South Yarra we stopped in at something I had been looking forward to – the Matilda Bay brewery, makers of Fat Yak among others, where we had a fantastic lunch and a few beers.  We made it back to the caravan park and promptly packed and set off to pick up the spit roast and head further north toward our next stop Stuarts Point for some sensational fishing.


Another Brewery…




Thanks for dropping in again, see you next time for Stuarts Point and surrounds.


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